ARTIST of the MONTH, April 6-30

Held at Pepper Street Arts Centre, 558 Magill Road, MAGILL

"Hi I’m Jen Greeneklee and welcome to my art world.

I am a local Artist with an eclectic range of genre's using graphic, abstract and stylized forms.

My main medium is clay, with some glass.

Hand construction works best for me giving each piece a UNIQUE, INDIVIDUAL ambience.

I implement this paradigm in my finished jewellery as ALL the Ceramic and Glass beads are MADE BY ME, thus giving each piece the AUTHENTICITY of being HANDMADE.

I enjoy bringing the whimsical to my work, seen in the decorative influences on my platters, coasters, and beads. I also extend myself to others through tuition and my own shop, thereby sharing the enjoyment of what I do as widely as possible. Creative Party Ideas also work well!

I hope you will enjoy viewing my work as much as I have creating it."
I express my range through a label:

This is a play on my name and the French word Je-ne-sais-quoi (pronounced ‘je-ner-say-qua’) which means "an indescribable attractive attribute or quality"; "a certain something"

Blurb from Pepper News Issue No. 39


  1. oh my goodness, your handmade beads are so adorable~