FAQs Ceramic BEADS

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about my ceramic beads.  If you have a specific question that isn't answered here, please contact me.

Do you make all the Ceramic Beads yourself?
Yes I sure do. This is a 'one lady' hobby and although it is a lengthy process, it's very rewarding.  

Do you hold classes?
Yes I have put together several UNIQUE classes so others, who may not have this equipment readily available, can experience the same joys of "making your own creations" as I do.  They are a great chance to Escape the Real World for a while, either on your own or with a small group of friends, starting from $29.  

Is it possible to just buy the unpainted ceramic beads from you?
Yes you can, I have customers doing just that. My Handmande Ceramic Bisque Beads are perfect for every crafter as my beads can be covered in PMC, acrylic paints, polymer clay, foil, cloth etc. And with my unpainted bisque beads priced between 50c-$3, they make an inexpensive creative idea for art teachers, school holidays, gifts, projects and so on.

Do you make custom made beads?
Yes, I have made 'named' beads for christenings, charities, birthdays etc.  

Where do I find your Ceramic Beads?
I sell them direct from our Art House at Cherryville in South Australia and I'm happy for people to make an appointment and drop by for a look.  From time to time I have my work in Galleries and other outlets but the easiest, is to visit my web shop JEN-e-sais-quoi.  I am happy to post anywhere in the world at Normal Rates.

NB I use toxic free underglazes and glazesglazes. I want to keep away from the harmful stuff as much as you do.

All enquiries welcomed ... artbyjeng@hotmail.com

8390 3763

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