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Made at customer request
Hi Jen, Thank you so much again for the wonderful job 
you did on the sugar bowl for me.I couldn't stop looking at it 
on the way home! :)  I gave it to my neighbour last night and I could see
 she had a tear in her eye.  She really loved it.Thank you again, 
you are very talented.   Kind Regards, Lindsey

Made at customer request
Hand Painted 38cmD Art Platter

Made at customer request
Hi Jen, The trivet has landed safe and sound. 

It looks absolutely fantastic and I can't thank you enough for the 
incredible level of service you have provided.  It is the perfect gift and 
something really different which will be very much loved and take pride of 
place in our first home.   It is by a mile THE best thing I have ever 
bought off the internet!!   Thank you once again, and I wish 
you every success in your future endeavours.  
 Nat B, United Kingdom
Made for customer
Hand painted 38cmD Art Platter

to be used to hold birthday cake each year

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