Visit our home STUDIO/SHOP

If you’re searching for a Gift that is LOCALLY HANDMADE, UNIQUE and ONE-of-a-KIND then my STUDIO/SHOP is designed with you in mind.   Besides, you will have a GREATER SELECTION to choose from than what you see on the internet.

You may like to visit my STUDIO/SHOP with a friend or two. 
Just send me a message - phone or email - to make an appointment as parking is limited.

Hope to hear from you soon,

You can come up either Montacute Road or Marble Hill Road...
TURN in to Cherryville Road and then
LEFT in to Fernhurst Road
STAY on Fernhurst Road for about 390 meters and go
STRAIGHT ahead on to the Dirt Track.  You are looking for the number 39D.
FOLLOW this Dirt Track for approx 1.1km as it ends in our courtyard.
You may see a green sign with J and S ... that is us.

All enquiries welcomed ...
8390 3763