Hi and welcome.

I'm a Glass [Lampwork] be
ad maker, a 
Ceramicistan Ultra Marathoner,Model and Muse for my husband's art.

Being a Bushfire survivor, I love to use Bright Bold colours as I create in our home Studio/Shop where I also teach Ceramic and Lampwork classes.

This site will give you a look at what I have done In my studio  

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Handmade terracotta beads

Hi all,

I've decided to extending my terracotta range with Drop beads, Pendant and Focals.  These goodies are fresh out of my kiln.

The next step in to sort and photograph them.  After that, I will upload them to my facebook page Art by Jen G and add them to my home Studio/Shop.

In the meantime, if you see any you like, have a query or wish to leave a comment, then please do so.  You can either leave a comment below or shoot me a message at artbyjeng@hotmail.com

Have a fabulous day :)

terracotta connector beads

terracotta drops

My First Easter

My 1st Easter.
A great wall plaque memento to hang on your child's wall. With a Glazed glossy finish on the front, I have left the back unglazed so you can write personalized details ... to/from ... etc 

Personalised Medallions and bowl

Recently I ran an Ultra from the beach to the summit and back.  
There were eight of us that did the pre 66km and finished the 100+km with the annual January 35km run from Mt Lofty to Brighton beach.
My husband and I made Ceramic medallions for the eight and for Pauline, who didn't run, but without her magnificent food and moral support from beginning to end, our mad run could not have gone ahead!

 Looking for something Personalised ?  Just let me know :)

All enquiries welcomed ... artbyjeng@hotmail.com

Necklaces, made with my Handmade Beads.

Necklaces I've been working on, made with my handmade Ceramic and Lampwork Glass Beads.

These are One-of-a-Kind necklaces and make a Unique gift.  

All enquiries welcomed ... artbyjeng@hotmail.com

What Necklace Length Should I Wear.

Saw these and thought they might be helpful :) you're welcome.

Make Your Own personal gifts.

Just the perfect thing for a rainy day, come and Paint a Ceramic Plate.

These plates are for a special daughter and sister for her up coming birthday.  So much more personal than a commercially purchased gift, don't you think?

Update ... Students plates survived, they have been collected and customer is very happy. 
I lurve providing this service

Find out about my classes, here

All enquiries welcomed ... artbyjeng@hotmail.com, 8390 3763

Long Ceramic Earrings.

"Life is too short to wear Mass Produced Beads" I don't know who said this but I support that thought completely!

Just finished putting together a pair of ceramic earrings that are designed to be noticed!

To purchase them head to my face book page, Art by Jen G or make an appointment and visit our home Studio /Shop.

Lamp work Brooches

Made with my Handmade Lamp work Beads.
These Brooches are just the thing for a tote bag, hat, scarf, jumper,quilt etc

All enquiries welcomed ... artbyjeng@hotmail.com

Random Acts of Kindness.

A little surprise for one of my dear running buddies :) 

"Somedays unexpected random acts of kindness give so much pleasure. I arrived at work today to find dear friend Jen Greeneklee had delivered a momento of my Heysen 105 ultra for me. Jen is a very skilled ceramic and murano glass artist and makes beautiful beads which fit the pandora chains. Thanks so much Jen!"

Fun FuNkY Paw Print NECKLACES.

Bright and Bold.
Ceramic, Paw Print Necklaces.
Made with Handmade Ceramic Beads.
Each bead is made from clay, fired, painted and fired again, in my home Studio.

All enquiries welcomed ... artbyjeng@hotmail.com

Gift Vouchers.

Gift Vouchers are ideal when you are just not quite sure what the receiver would like.
Perfect for mother's day, father's day, christmas and birthdays etc
These Gift Vouchers may also be used for my classes.

All enquiries welcomed ... artbyjeng@hotmail.com