Give Away: Owl and Earrings

Congrats to Junbug, you have won!
and a BIG thank you to all who entered for your lovely comments.

Watch this space for future Give Aways.

It's time for another Blog Give Away.
This time it's a mixer... an owl and a pair of earrings... why?
Hmmm not real sure, just thought they looked cute together :-)

The owl stands proudly at 2.5cm tall and would look great on top of the compter - any where really. Perhaps you collect owls, or maybe it could be the start of a collection.
The earrings are two tones of blue, are approx 4.5cm in total length and have Sterling Silver safety hooks on them. I hate it when an earring gets away, don't you?
Both items are of course handmade by me in my studio. Any slight imperfections just add to their uniqueness appeal.

To enter...
1. Become a blog follower, then
2. Find your favourite item, either here on my blog or on of my on-line shops and comment/tell me why it's you favourite here, or send me a direct email.
NB If you blog about or link this giveaway I will give you 2 extra chances to win!!! - just send me the link.
PS make sure to include your email address so I can contact you if your name comes out of the hat first.
Entries close 21st August. Best of luck.


  1. Following! My favourite item is the My Day greeting card because I have a beautiful burmese kitty too :)


  2. I so love this item! It's really making my heart pump.

    And I have become a follower!

  3. ah, I already have a collection of owls started. they're good luck y'know.
    and tell your husband his art takes my breath away
    my favorite item-

  4. Lovely giveaway! My dad collects owls, so he'd get that, but the earrings would be all mine. ;)

    I love your My Day greeting card in your Etsy shop. It's adorable, and I'm a cat lover so I certainly couldn't resist that.

    Followed your blog, too. :)